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Topic: Sustainable Development at Shell (B)

Types Of Document: Case Study
Subject Of Area: Business
Number Of Pages: 1
Academic Level: Master

The case basically depicts the situation of a complex and a challenging process with respect to social and also environmental concerns that have been integrated into the existing strategy for a multinational firm.[….] Read More

Topic: MCI Communications Corp., 1983

Types of Document: Assignment
Subject of Area: Finance
Number of Pages: 2
Academic Level: Master

  1. Find the value of MCI based on the free cash flows during the forecast period only (exhibits 9A and 9B) i.e ignoring the continuing value or terminal value. Assume WACC (Weighted average cost of capital) = 14% and inflation = 4%.
  2. Find the continuing value (or terminal value) to complete the DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) analysis. Based on the analysis, is MCI fairly valued at $47 ?[….] Read More