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Question: What should management decide? Justify your decision

The case basically depicts the situation of a complex and a challenging process with respect to social and also environmental concerns that have been integrated into the existing strategy for a multinational firm. This case therefore focuses on Shell Chemicals the Close Looped Cleaning Technolgoy which has a strong business basis with respect to sustainable development. It also shows the corporate level sustainable development initiatives affect the overall business practice and the challenge that has been faced by the managers to respond the multiple and competing expectations.

In the current situation, the management should look to focus on those ventures, plans and ideas that can favour the society and the overall sustainable development growth at Shell. It is also a fact, multinational firms operate to attain profit and revenue, and therefore, they make decisions with consideration to growth and sales. Therefore, a more balanced approach needs to be initiated where the plan should be to lead the market and also remain socially responsible in the development of the society.

Along with this, another recommendation for the management shall be to train the managers in this regard where they can successfully respond to the multiple challenges and the competing expectations. The role of leadership becomes vital in this regard and they need to remain focused and well-directed towards the achievement of long term goals and objectives.

Since the case focuses on Shell Chemicals, the Close Lopped Cleaning Technolgoy which has a rather stronger business prospect and also the sustainable development program, therefore, the focus should remain on the same and the decision making should be such where the company can satisfy the needs and wants of the market and also attract the customers by competing skilfully.

In the end, it can be said that further investment should be made in CLC project which will allow the organization to successfully implement the strategic objective of being able to attain successful profitable margins for the organization. The management needs to focus on providing the employees with the training also and align them with the mission and vision of the company which is to make profits and satisfaction to the customers. Finally, Shell should explore the opportunity of making profits through the CLC Technology.