Month: March 2021

What is the Bible?

This is the Book Christians trust to direct them in their faith in God. This is a fundamental part of a Christians life for it teaches you how to grow in your salvation. Many trust it for it is the voice of God directly in you. This is the Living Word of God. It is incorruptible and will never change. It has power today, did 2000 years ago and will still have it 5000 years to come. Without this book, the Christian faith is baseless and meaningless.
God uses the Bible to speak to us. He does not have to speak to you directly but can chose to direct you to a chapter or a verse in this Holy book. He has done this for me innumerable times and so has he for millions of Christians all over the world. All you need to do is trust that word and obey it. This book is very much alive for it is the word of God.
God intended for Christians to use the power given to them in the Bible to fight trials and temptations. Whatever you are going through, find a relevant scripture in this mighty book and denounce your situation. If God could do it for the people featured in this book, he can also do it for you. Find encouragement, strength and comfort in this book too. Whatever you do not understand, ask God to give you wisdom and knowledge. Ask that he may reveal the truth in his word as you read through this powerful book.