Month: March 2022

The Truth About Mortgage Assignments – Legal?

If you're reading this then you are probably already aware of this new program sweeping the nation know as Mortgage Assignment Profits System… Or just Mortgage Assignments and you're looking to find out the truth and if they are actually legal.
You've heard how it is an no risk, zero down investing strategy that actually takes full advantage of the current economic/real estate disaster that continues to plague us. Actually finding homes that are at or near underwater and selling them the huge new community of buyers who used to qualify for bank loans but can't..
Hence the line "selling unsellable homes to unsellable buyers"
Is it the Truth?
As a fairly new investor myself (started just two years ago), and along with my two partners we represent only a handful of people who have ever done a real life Mortgage Assignment deal,
There is no denying that this idea really does work and is the main tool I have used to build a success real estate investing business.
Truth is, sure there are other strategies out there, but the beauty of the Mortgage Assignment is it is just enough like older strategies, such as Sub To's, to have a lot of precedence and thus, completely legal. Yet, also focus on the new realities of our current economy and real estate world.
This strategy which my partners and I have been blessed to master, really does allow us to find money making investor deals that offer absolutely no risk to the investor with no money down.
In truth the true genius is whereas in the past, the investor would take over payments themselves, with this system this is not the case. The investor risks absolutely nothing because they acquire no "equity" in the transaction.
The truth about this strategy is not only are investors excited about the program, realtors are increasing seeing Mortgage Assignments Profits System as a way to subliming their income using the skill sets they already have…
Mortgage Assignments are the new legal "thing" that's working right now and if you having trouble making deals/or are just looking for more, than in truth, I definitely recommend you look into them.