Month: January 2022

Find and Assign – Making Money in Real Estate With No Risk

Many people shy away from real estate because they think they need lots of money or credit to get started.
The fact is you don't need any money or credit to get started if you use the "find and assign" method.
What this involves is finding a motivated seller, negotiating a price to purchase the property, then, finding an investor to buy the property,.
The beauty of finding and assigning properties is YOU never take title to the property.Therefore you never have to worry about repair or holding costs associated with the property. You simply avoid the normal risks that an investor assumes when buying properties.
And you collect a nice finders fee or "assignment fee" for bringing a buyer and seller together.
So, where are these properties you may be asking?
Two great sources are abandoned or run down properties as well as homeowners in preforeclosure.
Many times homeowners live out of town while still trying to maintain a property. In many cases the property is simply too difficult to manage from a far and the owner is looking to get out of the mortgage. These are great finds and potential moneymakers.
Right now the preforeclosure market is flooded with homeowners with no chance of keeping their homes due to job loss, divorce or health issues.
Working with these homeowners before their house goes into full-blown foreclosure is a blessing in disguise for many a distressed homeowner. Many times homeowners in this stage simply don't know what to do so they do nothing. This is disastrous as they lose everything.
By using the find and assign method you are able to work a purchase agreement with the home owner that allows them to keep some of their equity, avoid foreclosure, and keep their credit from being destroyed. You simply find an investor that takes over your contract and you collect a nice assignment fee.
Getting started finding and assigning contracts is simple, you can learn it while you work a regular once you see how simple it is you may want to jump into it full time.