Have you ever wanted to put a little notice on your web site, temporarily, that just announces something? For instance, maybe you want to announce that your book will be released in May so you can pre-order it in April. How do you go about doing that?
Log into the Joomla backend.
Click on the Module Manager or select Module Manager from the Extensions menu item.
The Details Section
--Click on the New icon, which is an orange plus sign.
--Select Custom HTML, about mid way through the options.
--Enter a title in the title field.
--Click Show or Hide the title. If you hit Show, the exact text your put in above will be the title field for the module.
--Select the position for the module. If you know what position you want, just type it in. If you do not, then click on Select position. If you use the Select position button, then click on the drop-down menu on the right-hand side for Select Template. Scroll through until you find the correct module and select it. If you still aren't sure what position you need, try running this command.

--Make sure the module is published.
--Make the access Public.
--Skip Ordering for now. It's easier to order the items when you're looking at a list of all of the modules.
--Put in the day to start publishing this module. In this example, you'd want to put in March 1.
--Put in the finish publishing date. In this example, it would be March 31.
--The note field is for you. The text will show up in the module manager, but users of your web site will not see it.
The custom output section
--Type your notice in the editor section. The editor that shows up will be the editor assigned in the user profile you logged in with. Most editors have an icon you can click on to get into the source code, or HTML. Often the button just says "Source," but sometimes it might say HTML or have a less than and greater than sign.
The Menu Assignment Section
--Decide where you want the module to show up. If you're not sure, set the module assignment to "On all pages." Joomla 1.6 has the new feature that you can select "all pages except the ones selected." Or, perhaps you only want the notice on the home page.
Click Save and refresh your website.
Put the module in the correct order
After you hit save, you'll be back in the module manager. One of the columns is called Position. Click on the word Position, and the items in the list will be sorted by the position they are in. The triangle to the side indicates if the order is ascending or descending. Look at the modules in the position your new module is in. Are they in the correct order?
If you want to change the order, click on the word Ordering at the top of the next column. A tiny diskette will appear next to the word Ordering, and little up and down arrows will appear in the columns. Use the arrows to move the modules into the correct order. Alternatively, you can type the order numbers into the text box. When done, click on the little diskette to save the order.
Refresh your website and verify it is correct.